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Reclaiming the Monument is  partnering with the Pamunkey Tribe and amazing Indigenous artists to commemorate Indigenous History Month and the history and future of the Pamunkey in Central Virginia. This installation will take place at Libby Hill Park November 11-13 from 6pm-10pm. This event was made possible by support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.


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Erick Krigsvold is a citizen of the Pamunkey Indian Tribe in King William, VA and a digital illustrator and founder of The Native States Project.  He creates custom art that tells visual stories of Native Americans across the country with a focus on Virginia tribes and culture.Erick shares his art and tribal education on and on Instagram @thenativestatesproject.  He also sells his work at the Pamunkey Indian Museum and Cultural Center.

Rebecca Hill

Rebecca Hill is a Pamunkey Tribal Citizen, who recently returned to the Pamunkey Indian Reservation after a long stint in Nashville, TN. Returning to the reservation has been a homecoming, one filled with great opportunities to reconnect with family, culture, community, and art.
Rebecca is a Radford University graduate, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Art. She earned a scholarship from Hampton University, where she joined the Museum Studies Graduate Program, while also interning as a photographer at NASA Langley in Hampton, VA. Having the heart of a teacher, a love of art and photography, Rebecca spent a majority of her career as a Children’s Portrait Photographer, Trainer, and Manager. Photography has always been a means of endless fascination and learning, ever since her grandmother, Dora Cook Bradby, gifted her with a
Brownie camera she had as a young lady. Rebecca is currently immersing herself in the making of traditional pottery, learning from her mother,
Joyce Bradby Krigsvold. She is proud to work for the Pamunkey Tribal Government, believing the work of the Tribal Office team will leave a lasting impact on her community. Rebecca’s everlasting joy is being mother to her 2 beautiful sons, Sam, and Finn.

Ethan Brown

Ethan Brown is a Virginia artist working in multiple mediums including Gourd art, Oil Painting, Sculpture, and Filmmaking. He is a Pamunkey Tribal Citizen and resident of the Pamunkey Indian Reservation in King William, Virginia. A self taught artist— Ethan’s work is inspired by Pamunkey history and culture, Virginia’s flora and fauna, dreams, intuition, and spirituality. He has completed visual art commissions for the Big Ideas Company in London, England; the King William Historical Museum; Chesapeake Bay National Parks; and Reclaiming the Monument, among others. Ethan has had multiple pieces purchased by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts for their permanent collection. As a filmmaker, Ethan has co-directed and edited the experimental short film Tsenacommacah (2020), as well as contributing additional photography to the EMMY Nominated documentary Connecting Currents- Pamunkey River: Lifeblood of our People (2020). Ethan’s newest film, First Landings (2022) is currently being submitted to National and International film festivals.

Ava Everheart 

Ava Everheart, a Pamunkey tribal citizen, is an award-winning poet and author who focuses on correcting false historical narratives. She is also a self-taught metalsmith and jewelry artist who is attempting to revive a Pamunkey jewelry aesthetic. 

Lorelei Everheart 

Lorelei “Lore” Everheart, a Pamunkey tribal citizen, is a 15-year-old high school student, tennis player and fine artist who aspires to be a wildlife veterinarian. Lore is a museum-and-gallery-shown artist whose paintings have won numerous awards. Her artistic themes are radical political activism and telling indigenous stories. She mainly creates oil paintings, but also creates sculpture and public murals. Lore is also the recipient of the Presidential Gold Award for volunteerism. In her free time, Lore is a fashion model for indigenous brands. 

Yvonne Goad

Yvonne Goad was in Arizona visiting my sister and discovered that gourds could be made into vases and instruments. Her aunt grew gourds on the reservation and sold them as birdhouses. Once she saw what could be done with a gourd, her passion grew.  She took some gourd classes and her passion grew for the art.  She is a member of the American Gourd Society and has won several awards.

Kevin Krigsvold

Kevin is the President and CEO of Pamunkey Indian Enterprises. He is also a 7-time Emmy award winning television producer, a proud citizen of the Pamunkey Indian Tribe, and has more than 25 years of experience in the federal/government contracting world. Kevin attended Old Dominion University, where he majored in Communication. Upon graduation, He initially worked at WAVY TV 10 and WTKR Channel 3 where he learned the craft of digital story telling. After a few years in TV news, he decided to go back to graduate school and accepted a NASA funded graduate school scholarship to Hampton University (HU). In addition to graduate school, he also accepted a job at NASA Langley Research Center as an associate producer for NASA Langley’s budding television production team.   As an associate producer, he was on the ground floor of the production of a NASA STEM-based television program entitled NASA CONNECT.  This program earned numerous awards and the title of “Best Distance Learning Program in the Country”.  Based on this success, Kevin was promoted to Senior Producer and Program Manager where he eventually managed and created numerous television and radio programs including NASA’s Destination Tomorrow,  NASA 360, The Discovery Now Radio Program, and NASA X.  For his efforts, Kevin has been awarded more than 60 professional peer reviewed awards, including seven (7) Emmy awards.   Kevin eventually took a short hiatus from Program Management and television production and accepted a job as the congressional lead for the Census Bureau for the Commonwealth of Virginia. In this position he regularly worked with congressional members, their staff, and with city and state government officials including the Governor. After much success in the federal world, Kevin was basked by the Chief and Council of his Tribe, The Pamunkey Indian Tribe, to take over a leadership position to build a tribally owned business that focuses on obtaining federal contracts. As the CEO for Pamunkey Indian Enterprises, and its affiliate companies, Pamunkey Indian Enterprises-Professional Services (PIE-PS) and FedTribe LLC, Kevin is now leading the effort to build PIE into a job and revenue generator for the Pamunkey Tribe and for its partners. Kevin’s greatest claim to fame is being a successful husband to his wife Sasha, and father to his beautiful children, Sabine and Roman.

Dr. Aaron Winston

Dr. Aaron Winston (Pamunkey/Chowanoke) has served his mother and father’s Native tribes for many years. Throughout his life, Dr. Winston has involved himself in the Native community as a traditional dancer as well as a pow-wow drummer and singer. In the non-Native community Dr. Winston has taken the position that it is his pleasure, privilege and charge to accurately educate and promote Native America thereby
dispelling myths and mistruths.

Dr. Winston owns and operates a thriving Chiropractic practice in Richmond, Virginia since 1999. Educating his patients on how to live healthier through Chiropractic and wellness activities is the primary goal of Winston Chiropractic Care.

Allyson Gray

Allyson Gray is an enrolled citizen of the Pamunkey Indian Tribe, born and raised on the Reservation.  As a young child, she was fascinated by Pamunkey traditional blackware pottery created by her great-grandmother and other Pamunkey potters.  Over the years, her passion and knowledge grew with the help of a few respected potters in her Tribal community.  Today, Allyson strives to expand her knowledge and hone in on her art, while also sharing her passion with others, especially the youth in her Tribal community. Though pottery is her passion, her greatest loves are her husband and son, Temple and Rocky.

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