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Miguel Carter-Fisher

"Vision of Mary Jane Richards"

Masterful, visionary, and heartfelt. Three words to describe the transcendent art of narrative painter and educator Miguel Carter-Fisher. At once rooted in history and the eternal present, the artist's work takes from tradition to explore the emotional language of the human form.  


"Vision of Mary Jane Richards"  draws on that deep well of feeling to evoke the spirit and resilience of one of Richmond's most legendary figures; educator, activists, and spy,  Mary Jane Richards.

This collaborative light installation between Miguel Carter-Fisher and Reclaiming the Monument, was made in partnership with the American Civil War Museum and in advisement with local historians and activists. This temporal work was installed on the exterior of the former White House of the Confederacy, April 21-24th, 2022 in Richmond, Virginia. 


Miguel Carter-Fisher's oil painting of  "Vision of Mary Jane Richards" is currently on display at The Valentine in Richmond, Virginia.

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